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" Our history "

Once upon a time, in a world where routine threatened to swallow up the wildest dreams, the audacious idea to create The Millions Tour was born. The story begins with Bernard and Frédéric, two spirits passionate about discovery and eager for adventure. One day, as they were driving along a deserted road, the sun's rays dancing on the windshield, inspiration struck like lightning.

Bernard and Frédéric had always felt that journeys should be much more than points on a map. They should be experiences that awaken the senses, journeys that transform us and moments that remain etched in our hearts. This is how they imagined The Millions Tour - a place where every mile traveled would lead to a million unforgettable memories.

With this vision, Bernard and Frédéric set to work. They traveled the globe, exploring winding roads, hidden paths and breathtaking landscapes. Every itinerary they designed was infused with their passion for wonder. But they knew that the adventure was even more beautiful when it was shared. They assembled a team of intrepid travelers, each bringing their own expertise and flame for the unknown.

The first candidates to join The Millions Tour were like stars lighting up in a dark sky. Each of them had a unique story to tell, dreams to fulfill and a thirst for adventure to quench. Over the years, the community grew, the stories multiplied and the experiences turned into intense and colorful chapters of life.

Today, The Millions Tour isn't just a road trip site, it's a movement. It is a call to all those who refuse to let monotony rule their lives, to those who prefer side roads to highways. It's a tribute to the spirit of discovery that burns in all of us.

The story of The Millions Tour continues to unfold in the form of thousands of miles traveled, unforgettable encounters and landscapes that leave you speechless. So whether you're a dreamer, an adventurer, or just someone looking for an escape, get ready to add your own chapter to this ever-expanding adventure. Because at every turn in the road, there are a million moments waiting for you, and it's up to you to seize them.

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Million Tower 2023
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